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New!  Battery Charger

The Genius Battery Charger features the revolutionary VosFX Processor that is capable of monitoring and intelligently controlling the charging process based on feedback from the battery being charged.  The VosFX processor makes efficient and quick decisions in the charging process without damaging the battery or risking user safety.
The Genius Charger includes comfort cable clamps, built-in fuse protection, extendable connectors and a rugged enclosure for use in the harshest environments.
User interface:

MODE button allows manual selection of charging mode.
Charge Level indicates current charge level of the battery.
12V COLD/AGM LED for 12V batteries below 32F and AGM batteries from 14 to 120Ah.
Standby LED (green) illuminates when a charging mode has not been selected.


1. Auto-Memory: returns to last selected mode when restarted.
2. Fully Interactive: Automatically adjusts itself to changing current needs.
3. Designed for Safety: Reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, spark proof,               overheat, overcurrent and overcharge safe.
4. Rapid Charging: Charges batteries 2X faster than traditional chargers.
5. Variable Input Compensated: 100% full charge even with varying A/C input                 voltages.
6. Multiple Battery Chemistry: Safely charges AGM, Wet, and Gel batteries.
7. Recovery Mode: Recovers deeply discharged and sulfated batteries.

Charger includes:

1. Comfort cable clamps
2. Built-in fuse protection
3. Extendable connectors
4. Rugged enclosure made of high-impact polymer

Item#                Description                                                Price   

CB-200              Charger for battery in ControlPak                   118.70