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Marker Float for Benthic Chambers

Unless you can see the benthic chamber that you have just deployed close to the surface of the water, we recommend using the AquaBob™ Marker Float to mark the location where your benthic chamber has been deployed. 

Benthic flux chambers are deployed in a variety of aquatic environments at various depths, in waters with different currents.  It is critical that the researcher knows where each benthic chamber is deployed, so that the unit is located quickly and the sampling or retrieval process can begin promptly.  A highly-visible marker float like the AquaBob will ensure that you can quickly identify the precise location where your benthic chamber has been deployed. 

If currents have dragged the benthic chamber to a new location, the marker float is designed to enable you to quickly spot where the unit has been dragged to, thus ensuring that you have not lost the investment you made in the benthic chamber.

Key Features of the AquaBob™ Marker Float:

  • Made of durable HDPE to survive harsh aquatic environments
  • Weighted with an environmentally-friendly lead-free weight to ensure it floats vertically on the surface of the water
  • Our vendor recycles HDPE bottles to produce these highly buoyant floats, reducing the amount of plastic bottles entering our landfills 
  • Features a reflective red band above a bright yellow band, making it highly visible even in low light conditions

The AquaBob™ Marker Float is secured to the ControlPak-S™ by the required length of nylon line.  A 100 foot length of nylon line is included, along with a carabiner.  Click here to learn how to use the AquaBob™ Marker Float to mark the location of your benthic chamber (or other submerged equipment).

To learn more about the deployment of the AquaBob™ Marker Float, click here.

Item #  Description   Price, $
AQ-100 Aquabob™ Marker Float with non-lead weight, including 100 feet nylon line, lockable carabiner   28.30