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Enabling benthic researchers to do more now

Aquanoss Benthic Technologies is the world's first and only company to offer professional-grade Benthic Chambers to the benthic research community for use in depths under 100 feet.  Unlike benthic landers that are designed for deep oceanic research, our chambers are designed for research in lakes, estuaries, rivers, ponds, marshes, reservoirs and the ocean.

Our product development team brings decades of product development, engineering and design experience to the production of both standard chambers and custom chambers that include specific design features required by our clients.

Our primary focus is building acrylic benthic chambers (also known as benthic flux chambers) for monitoring and analyzing freshwater and marine benthic fluxes.  Our benthic flux chambers are designed to be tough, durable and capable of withstanding the environment that they are deployed in.

The design of our product is based on a clear understanding of what benthic researchers require and the kind of diverse aquatic environments that our equipment is used in.  We believe in engaging with our clients from the beginning and understanding their needs; this enables us to deliver the product solution that is perfect for each customer.

Aquanoss' story began 3 years ago when its founder, Rusk Malladi, realized that there was a significant need for benthic flux chambers for benthic researchers around the world.  Until now, when a benthic researcher needed a flux chamber, they were compelled to fabricate it themselves.  This meant that the researcher lost valuable time during the fabrication of these 'in-house' chambers and was constrained by the small numbers of such chambers that could be made in-house.  In-house fabrication by the researcher also meant that such chambers were highly customized, and were based on a design that may not be suitable for other researchers.

The small numbers of such benthic flux chambers made by researchers also meant that the scale of research projects was constrained: the researcher could only deploy the number of chambers that he or she could fabricate at any given time.

Now, Aquanoss Benthic Technologies has stepped up to serve the needs of benthic researchers by making available a world-class Benthic Chamber platform with a full set of standard features that can also be customized further for any researcher's specific requirements.  Whether you need 5 or 50 or more units, Aquanoss can meet your needs so that you, the benthic researcher, can focus on benthic research.  With us, you can now design research studies that can deploy virtually any number of benthic chambers to monitor and analyze benthic fluxes over large geographic areas and for extended periods of time, generating valuable and meaningful data in time periods that were previously unheard of.

Today, as we focus on developing our marketing presence worldwide, we are proud to be partners with benthic researchers around the world and we look forward to meeting your benthic research needs!

With Aquanoss, you can do more, now !

Finished benthic chamber
CNC machine used to fabricate benthic chamber components
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