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Call for Technical Papers about Benthic Chambers

Aquanoss Benthic Technologies invites short original technical papers from researchers who work with benthic chambers in the freshwater and marine environmental fields.  Papers are invited in, but not limited to, the following areas and topics:

1.  The design and fabrication problems of benthic chambers.
2.  Deployment of benthic chambers.
3.  Measurement of benthic fluxes.
4.  Problems encountered in areas where benthic chambers were deployed.
5.  Sampling the waters inside benthic chambers.
6.  Benthic chamber applications in waters up to depths of 100 feet (30 meters).
7.  Sediment monitoring, investigation and risk evaluation strategies.
8.  Management of contaminated waters and sediments.
9.  Future research projects that include benthic chambers.

Technical Papers Submission Guidelines

Papers may be 1.5 pages to 10 pages in length.  If the paper includes photographs, please ensure that they are clear and show good detail (no blurred or cell phone photos please).

Aquanoss will review your paper for inclusion in our Technical Papers section, with your name as author.

Papers should be original and focus on a specific research topic included or related to topics in the list above, and should be of similar quality to articles published in well-known technically-oriented environmental trade journals.

You may submit reviews and summaries of articles published in aquatic and marine journals as long as they are related to the list of topics shown above, or compare and contrast two or more articles on the same topic, if your review is written for a general research audience.  Please furnish  a full citation for all articles reviewed in your work, and be certain that your summary does not infringe on the original copyright.

We will also accept a 'rewrite' of an article you previously published for a professional journal, in a format more appropriate to a technical trade journal, while ensuring that you do not infringe on the copyright of the original work.  Aquanoss reserves the right to edit your paper and/or photographs and also reserves the right to publish or not publish your work on our website.  Aquanoss owns the copyright to all papers submitted to us.

To submit a technical paper on the use of benthic chambers, please e-mail us with a short outline of about one paragraph, by clicking here.