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Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber System

The Need for a Benthic Flux Chamber

Introducing: the world's first and only commercial Benthic Chamber System designed with the needs of professional benthic researchers in mind, from Aquanoss Benthic Technologies!

Researchers like you needing to study the benthic boundary layer and benthic sediment fluxes at depths of 100 feet or less were unable to procure professional-grade benthic chambers off the shelf, until now.  Fabricating a benthic chamber in your lab entails a significant investment in time, not to mention a huge distraction from your benthic research.  Furthermore, researchers who chose to fabricate their own chambers had to limit the scope of their research to the few benthic chambers that they could fabricate themselves.  Large-scale studies of the benthic boundary layer employing only a few benthic chambers built by the researcher meant that data that could be obtained in just a few days literally took weeks or even months, due to the handful of chambers that were available to deploy at any give time.

With the new Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber from Aquanoss Benthic Technologies, you can now focus on the actual benthic research, instead of spending valuable research time fabricating your own benthic chamber.  For the first time ever, you can design benthic flux experiments without having to worry about where you will obtain your benthic chambers.  The Aquos™ BC-8 is now available to researchers worldwide with a wide range of powerful features that allow you to get going right out of the box.

Benthic Chamber System Design

The Aquos BC-8 Benthic Chamber offers a simple yet universal design coupled with durable construction and materials that can withstand harsh environments.  The benthic chamber is fabricated with rugged cast acrylic and is comprised of 3 major components: the Main Chamber, the Motor Chamber and the Headplate.  The Main Chamber has an internal diameter of 8″, and a height of 14″.  The Stepper Motor is mounted inside a waterproof Motor Chamber that is attached to the Headplate via 4 stainless steel bolts.  An O-ring forms a watertight seal between the Motor Chamber and the Headplate.  The Stepper Motor drives a powerful rare earth drive magnet.  The Headplate features 3 penetrations for a Two-Way Volume Equalizing Valve, the Sampling Port and an extra port that is capped.  The Stepper Motor is powered by a 12VDC sealed deep cycle battery with a Stepper Motor Controller, housed in a waterproof case.

Key Benefits


  • Rugged cast acrylic material used in the construction of the benthic chamber provides long life expectancy in harsh aquatic environments
  • O-ring seal between Headplate and Main Chamber isolates the water inside the chamber from the surrounding body of water
  • Triple sealed fexible cable joint ensures that the Motor Chamber remains waterproof to depths of up to 100 feet
  • Powerful Stepper Motor offers precisely controlled rotation to ensure gentle yet consistently reproducible mixing inside the benthic chamber
  • Magnetic coupling between the drive magnet and the mixing impeller eliminates any possibility of contamination inside the benthic chamber
  • A beveled edge at the chamber's bottom allows you to efficiently cut through seagrasses and algal mats in areas where the bottom substratum is soft


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Item #  Description   Price, $

Aquos BC-8 Benthic Chamber, including 6ft (2m) cable terminating in a waterproof sealed male plug   2,501.00

  Aquos BC-8 Benthic Chamber, including 20ft (6m) cable terminating in a male 3-pin waterproof plug.  With the new male plug, you can simply plug it into the ControlPak power source and you're ready to deploy!

To see a diagram of how the two benthic chamber systems differ in terms of deployment, click here.



DO and pH Sensors for the Aquos BC-8 coming soon!

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The stepper motor in the Aquos BC-8 that features an integrated microstepping drive for accurate low speed rotation.