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Batteries for Benthic Chambers

The power source in the ControlPak series are 12V DC deep cycle batteries, using Absorbent Glass Mat technology (AGM).  These batteries are sealed, non-spillable, maintenance-free units with a range of capacities to meet the time requirements for your benthic deployments. 

The BG-330 is now upgraded to the BG-035, and is joined by three powerful, new batteries, listed below.  When choosing batteries, purchase a spare one that you can keep fully charged, so that you can 'hot swap' the depleted battery running the motor with a fresh, fully charged battery, thus extending the deployment period for your benthic chamber conveniently.

To see how the ControlPak-A™ and the ControlPak-S™ are deployed
, click here

Item                   Description                                                                 Price

BG-035                Upgraded! Battery, sealed, 12V.  Upgraded from             103.66
                           33Ah to 35Ah at no extra cost to you!  This battery
                           can run the motor for about 8 days.

New!  Battery, sealed, 12V, 55Ah capacity.  This               184.60
                           battery can run the motor for about 13 days

New!  Battery, sealed, 12V, 80Ah capacity.  This               227.20
                           battery can run the motor for about 19 days.

New!  Battery, sealed, 12V, 100Ah capacity.  This              284.00
                           battery can run the motor for about 24 days.

Did you know?  Since the batteries we supply are sealed and non-spillable, they can be shipped via UPS to any address in the contiguous United States.  Delivery to PO boxes cannot be made.