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Services for Benthic Researchers

Aquanoss is in business to partner with benthic researcher and environmental researchers in the aquatic and marine science sectors to provide the best possible technical solutions at an affordable price.

To that end, we not only offer the Aquos BC-8 Benthic Chamber and its related accessories, but we also offer customization of the Aquos and its accessories, as described below.

Customization of Our Benthic Flux Chambers

The Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber offers a wide range of powerful features and benefits for benthic researchers and aquatic and marine environmental researchers for deployment at depths up to 100 feet.  But we realize that you may want to customize our benthic chambers to meet your specific requirements.  We can add extra penetrations with machined threads or an extra port or two.  We can also customize the accessories and optional parts that are available with the Aquos™.  Please contact us with your requirements for custom features on the Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber; it can be an engineering drawing,  just a sketch on a piece of paper or even your idea in words. The customization of our benthic flux chambers can add specific features that you require, offering powerful new abilities to the platform. Tell us how we can be of assistance and we'll take it from there!

Aside from the customization of our benthic flux chamber and its accessories, we have powerful in-house capabilities to work with a wide range of acrylics and plastics.  We employ sophisticated CNC machines to cut, drill, shape, machine and thread acrylic components, and we'd be happy to design acrylic research parts, components or entire systems, based on your drawings.

To contact us for your custom requirements, please click here.


Aquanoss prides itself in partnering with you to provide consulting services to design innovative, effective and affordable solutions for your benthic research.  If you have a benthic research idea that potentially involves the use of an acrylic device at depths of up to 100 feet, we can offer you technical guidance, system design and complete fabrication of such device, based on your ideas and research objectives.  We understand that you're focused on doing benthic research; let us deal with furnishing you with the tools you need to accomplish your objectives under water!

To learn more about our consulting services for your benthic research needs, please click here.

Technical Support

Aquanoss support our clients with prompt, efficient, top-notch technical support.  When you purchase a benthic chamber from us, you get free life-time technical support!  We realize that as a researcher, your time in the field is very valuable, and downtime is to be avoided.  We are committed to the success of your benthic research.  Call us or e-mail us from anywhere in the world, and we will respond to your technical support request promptly!

For Technical Support, you can reach us at: 417-942-3144.

Or you can e-mail us by clicking here.

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