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Above Water or Submerged Power Sources

Aquanoss offers two sources of power for the Aquos BC-8 benthic chamber: above water or submerged power sources.

Submerged Power

The ControlPak-S series are designated for three depth ranges as follows:

ControlPak-SP, for depths up to 13 feet (3.9 m)
ControlPak-SQ, for depths up to 50 feet (15m)
ControlPak-SR, for depths up to 100 feet (30m)

A submerged source of power allows you to locate the benthic chamber wherever you want, without having to worry about where you will located the power source.  The power source is always within three feet of the benthic chamber and you don't have to locate the chamber near land.
ControlPak-S unit
However, once submerged, the ControlPak-S cannot be opened underwater and you will not have access to the battery.  All ControlPak-S units contain a single 35Ah sealed AGM battery that can run a benthic chamber motor up to about 7 days and then the chamber and the power source must be retrieved once the battery runs out.
Above Water Power Sources
The ControlPak-A series of power source units are designed to be located above water in a boat or on land, such as on a pier, jetty, bank, shore or dike.  When you opt for a power source from the ControlPak-A series, a sufficiently long power cable connects the power source on land to the benthic chamber that is deployed in water.

The ControlPak-A series of power sources are available with 35, 55, 80 or 100Ah ratings, giving you up to 24 days of operation with a single battery.  With a ControlPak-A unit, you have full access to the battery and can 'hot-swap' a depleted battery with a fresh battery, and the keep the benthic chamber motor running continuously.  You also retain access to the Motor Controller and you can change the motor speed if necessary.
ControlPak-A unit
Since you can replace a depleted battery in any unit of the ControlPak-A series, you can in effect run very long benthic chamber experiments, which is a significant advantage when you are looking for extended time-series data or if the unit is to be used as part of a sentinel strategy for extended deployments.

Access to the ControlPak-A battery also allows you to run other devices off the same battery, assuming there is enough power in the battery to run such devices.
Sealed AGM Batteries

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