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Anchoring Systems for Benthic Chambers

The Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber is offered with two optional anchoring systems: 

  • A set of 4 screw-type anchors
  • A grappling anchor

A. The Screw-type Anchoring System

An optional screw-type anchoring system is available, to firmly secure the Aquos BC-8 Benthic Chamber to the sediment floor.  The anchoring system is designed to hold the benthic chamber upright against strong water currents and consists of a set of 4 screw-type, 18-inch (45cm)  long anchors.

Key Features of the Screw-Type Anchor System

  • Each anchor has a solid steel shaft and a large hand-hold to permit the anchor to be conveniently screwed into virtually any type of sediment
  • Each anchor is attached to a 4-foot long, nylon-coated, stainless steel cable with a breaking load of 132 lbs (60 kg), preventing the benthic chamber from being knocked over underwater

To learn more about the Screw-Type Anchor System and how it is deployed with the Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber, click here.

B. The Grappling Anchor

In aquatic environments with strong currents, the optional set of 4 screw-type anchors described above are used to secure the benthic chamber to the sediment.  In the unlikely event that the benthic chamber is somehow knocked over and the screw-type anchors lose their hold on the sediment, the optional grappling anchor can dig into the sediment, preventing the toppled benthic chamber  from rolling away and being lost.  The grappling anchor is furnished with a 4ft (1.2m) nylon-coated, stainless steel cable with a breaking load of 132lbs (60kg) with a carabiner at one end to connect to the anchor and a steel split ring at the other end to secure it to the benthic chamber.

Key Features of the Grappling Anchor

  • 4 Pointed, curved flukes provide tenacious holding power in a variety of sediments
  • Folding flukes make the grappling anchor easy to stow away
  • Locking ring slides down the central shaft, and locks the 4 flukes in the open position
  • 3lb (1.4kg) weight provides sufficient holding power in most aquatic environments
  • Galvanized iron construction makes it virtually unbreakable

To learn more about when and how to use the Grappling Anchor or the Screw-Type Anchors, click here.

Item #  Description   Price, $
AA-100 1 Screw-type Anchor, 4ft. long nylon-coated stainless steel cable, 2 steel ring terminals; set of 1   23.20
AA-400 Screw-type Anchors as above, set of 4   92.80
AA-800 Screw-type Anchors as above, set of 8   185.60
GA-220 Grappling anchor   31.20