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Control Benthic Chamber Unit


On occasion, you may need to run a Benthic Chamber as a control for your benthic research experiments.  To accomplish this, you will need to run the benthic chamber as a sealed unit under controlled conditions.  To seal off a benthic chamber from its surroundings, the open bottom end of the chamber needs to be closed. 


An optional Chamber Bottom Plate is available for the Aquos BC-8 benthic chamber for this purpose.  The Chamber Bottom Plate is furnished with an O-ring and serves to seal off the open end of the chamber bottom.


The empty benthic chamber is stood over the Chamber Bottom Plate, with the lower beveled edge of the chamber resting on the O-ring.  The threaded rods are slipped through the holes in the chamber flange and the headplate, and secured with the knurled knobs above the headplate.  The chamber can then be filled with liquid.


The Chamber Bottom Plate enables you to run the benthic chamber in your lab as a sealed, self-contained unit for a variety of reasons, including running a control for your benthic flux experiments.

To convert an Aquos BC-8 benthic chamber into a control benthic chamber, you will need the optional Bottom Plate and Threaded Rods (shown in orange in the figure above).  The Bottom Plate is made of machined cast acrylic and features an O-ring seal.