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Benthic chambers or benthic flux chambers as they are also known are cylindrical devices usually made of durable acrylic, with an open bottom.  The upper closed end usually features a motor as well as ports to allow sampling of the water inside the benthic chamber. 

To operate, the benthic flux chamber is lowered into the water and placed vertically on the sediment.  This isolates a column of water and the sediment below the water inside the chamber, allowing the researcher to monitor and analyze this ‘captive’ water column and sediment for as long as is necessary, from days to weeks or even months. 

With the benthic flux chamber in place, the researcher can measure the benthic flux or exchange of substances (e.g. oxygen, carbon dioxide, metals, hydrocarbons) between the sediment and the water in contact with it inside the chamber. To learn more, click here.

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