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Benthic Chamber Product Platform

The Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber System consists of the benthic chamber connected by a 6 ft long waterproof cable to the power source.  The power source is  a waterproof case that contains a sealed, 12V deep cycle battery and Stepper Motor Controller if the power source is deployed underwater.  For situations where the power source can remain above the water surface, the submerged benthic chamber is connected to a splash-proof battery case that is located above the water surface, e.g., on the banks of a river or lake, a shoreline, jetty, pier, sea wall, dike, boat or buoy.  The Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber and the ControlPak™ can be deployed on the sediment of a lake, river, estuary, stream or ocean, and the power cable is simply plugged into the ControlPak™.  The system is now ready to work.  Click here to see a diagram of Basic Benthic Chamber System Components.

Benthic chamber headplate showing Motor Drive
The Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber is designed for the measurement of nutrient and oxygen fluxes in lakes, rivers, estuaries, lagoons, marshes and oceans.  An optional anchoring system can be used to secure the benthic chamber to the sediment with four strong nylon-coated stainless steel anchor cables, each cable with a breaking strength of 135 lb (61 kg).  The anchoring system is designed to keep the Aquos™ BC-8 Benthic Chamber upright at all times, and secure against water currents, wave action and being knocked over by aquatic animals.  In extreme environments, if the chamber is actually knocked over, an optional back-up Grappling Anchor System is available.  The Grappling Anchor features multiple folding arms that dig into the sediment, to  prevent the benthic chamber rolling away in the waters, thus ensuring that you do not lose the chamber.


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RoHS Compliant Stepper Motor and Motor Controller
Now with CE Certified Stepper Motor and Motor Controller
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