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Benthic Chamber Applications

We are putting together a library of applications listing research papers that have utilized benthic chambers in a wide range of environments with an equally wide range of research objectives.  As we scour the literature for more examples of how benthic chambers are being used around the world, we would love to hear from you and learn about the kind of work that you do with benthic chambers!

Below is a list showing a wide range of applications that benthic chambers have been used for.  Click on any application to learn more about the work.

Applications List

Study of N, P and Si fluxes between fish farm sediment and seawater

Fate of crude oil on marine sediments

Effect of suspended mussel culture in coastal waters

Estimation of net community benthic production

Studying photosynthesis in submerged intertidal flats

The role and effect of benthic fluxes in an estuary

Effect of discharged drilling mud on the benthic sediment ecosystems

Influence of fish farm activities on benthic fluxes in a tidal creek

Analysis of organic matter and benthic metabolism in a lake