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Continuous Flow Chamber and Remote Sampling System
The Aquos BC-8 allows you to sample the interior of the benthic chamber from a remote location, either in periodic mode or in continuous flow mode.  This is accomplished with the optional Continuous Flow/Remote Sampling (CF/RS) System.  The CF/RS System consists of the following components:

1. Two watertight adjustable headplate fittings
Two watertight adjustable fittings are screwed into two penetrations in the headplate.  Stainless steel sampling tubes are inserted through these fittings.  The fittings serve to hold the tubes securely in position and provide a watertight seal between the inside and outside environment of the chamber.

2. Two stainless steel sampling tubes
Two stainless steel tubes, 1/4" (6mm) OD serve as inflow and outflow tubes to and from the chamber.  One tube is 12" (30cm) long and features a J-shaped end to allow inflow of liquid without disturbing the sediment and the other is a 3" (7.5cm)  stainless steel tube that is used to aspirate liquid from the chamber.
Continuous Flow/Remote Sampling System
The rigid stainless steel inflow and outflow tubes are connected to flexible silicone tubing (not included) with a 1/4" ID.  The silicone tubing leads from the chamber to the point of sampling (e.g., on land, a pier, a boat, etc.)  Sampling is accomplished by leading one tube into a peristaltic pump head (not included) to pump fluid into the chamber or aspirate fluid from the chamber.  You can easily raise or lower the height of the stainless steel tubes penetrating the chamber by adjusting the watertight fittings.

The CF/RS System can be used for remote sampling as well as for isotope labeling experiments where continuous flow through the chamber is required.  Sampling at periodic intervals is accomplished simply by turning on the pump as needed; for continuous flow studies, the pump may be kept running continuously.

When the CF/RS System is not being used, you can switch back to the standard sampling configuration by simply unscrewing the watertight fittings along with the stainless steel tubes and sealing off the penetrations in the headplate with nickel-plated brass caps provided with the Aquos BC-8.

Adjustable watertight fitting that serves to hold sampling tube securely in the chamber headplate.

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